Content isn’t enough; interact!

There is very little that’s truly compelling about content.

Sure, you can come across something new, funny, interesting, shocking, dramatic… but in the end, it’s usually not life-changing.

Want to change people? Interact. Build relationships. Invest in each other’s learning, perspectives, and lives. In fact, the “content” that changes people is the content that encourages interaction.

Look at your content. Is it just informational? Are students allowed to be passive “absorbers”? Does your content require students to apply new learning to a problem? Does it require them to talk, share, coach, collaborate…?

I’ll challenge myself too: do I encourage professional learning from this perspective? Or do I just tell people “the way it should be”?

Maybe I need to ask: do you agree? disagree? have an example? a counter-example? a question? have I over-simplified?

Respond in the comments, post something in Twitter. Let’s interact.


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