First foray into badges for math

I recently started working with an innovative grade 5 teacher on creating badges for math as a way to engage students and make the learning goals more tangible. We were going to start with data management, but saw a need in the current topic (area measurement). I thought it might be nice to share the badges I made in case anyone wants to use them.

They print 5 sets to a page, and the second page is a version to print in black and white that prints 3 sets to a page (with room to hole-punch, etc.) – a place for kids to stick their badges they’ve earned. Later, we’ll create more (if it’s successful). I think they’ll be helpful for conferencing with students and parents, and for reporting. If we were starting in the summer, we’d have made sheets with the learning goals for all of the strands of math, and maybe other subjects.

Of course, I’m interested in exploring this digitally next; that’s what I do. I have a friend in the Near North DSB (don’t know if he wants a shout out) who’s working on this kind of thing for e-Learning courses, and @timrobinsonj got me looking at as well. I’d like something that can live entirely in D2L, if possible. Maybe D2L wants to make it easy for me? #featureRequest #collaboratePlease

If the students earn all three badges for area, they get the “I am an AREA MASTER” badge :)

Initial feedback: good. I’ll follow up later.

(The files are .png files, created in Microsoft Publisher. They’re 300 dpi. If printed as-is, the first image will fit nicely onto Avery 5163 (4″x2″) labels, two per label (not the second one). Feel free to use in your classroom.)


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