Mistakes I made with a new BLT (Blended Learning Teacher)

What’s the right way to approach a new BLT (Blended Learning Teacher)?

I recently worked with one, and I made some mistakes. Big mistakes. Learn from my errors.

I didn’t look carefully at the content

There were some technical issues with the provided content. I hadn’t looked at that grade/course in a while, but they were issues I knew (and had forgotten) about. First thing we looked at together: nothing. Next thing: broken. Oops. I might have overpromised a little here.

I assumed I knew what they wanted

I thought I knew where the needs were, based on my knowledge of the school, the teacher, the students… but I was wrong. And you know what’s worse? I didn’t listen carefully when the teacher explained what they were hoping for, and I jumped into what I thought they needed. Bad move.

I showed a bazillion examples for inspiration

This stuff is exciting to me, so I want everyone to see all the possibilities. I knew I should ask more questions, refine the boundaries of what we were trying to do, but I didn’t. I thought, “I’ll show a few examples of what other people have done; something will look interesting to this teacher.” Nope; it just looked scary. Too many options, many of them too far from the teacher’s goals. I knew better.

Next time

If the teacher contacts me again (I hope they do), we’re going to have a softer start. I need to give people time to think about these things; I’ve had years of thinking, conversations, practice,….

And next time I’ll listen more than I talk.


2 thoughts on “Mistakes I made with a new BLT (Blended Learning Teacher)

  1. Too many options is always a problem when sopmeone is showing me new tech for the classroom. I always make myself clear “please show me 2 things and I’ll be able to use them. Show me 10 and I’ll forget them all.”

    Great blog though. I’m glad I found it.

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