Watched my first live Edupunk Podcast

Source: doctor_bob at

Source: doctor_bob at

I just finished watching Colin Jagoe (@colinjagoe) and Danika Barker (@danikabarker) on Edupunk Podcast Episode 9. I wanted to give proper kudos to both of them, and Twitter’s a little terse for that.


At first it felt a little creepy knowing that the conversation was live, sort of like I was eavesdropping. I’ve watched and listened to plenty of podcasts, some live, but most of the ones I consume are produced in a professional studio for profit. This was decidedly more intimate, but the weirdness passed quickly as I became engrossed in the conversation.

The teacher in me…

…couldn’t resist. I missed the first few minutes, but picked up the threads of the discussion fairly quickly. Then I just had to comment in the “participant chat area”. Both Colin and Danika were very good to engage with what I said, which made it feel more like my usual Adobe Connect meeting with friends and colleagues. I didn’t realize there was a “submit question” button, but they grabbed a question I asked in the chat area anyway, which was nice :)

Tech troubles

Nothing serious. I first tapped the link on my iPhone, and Spreecast informed me that I should download the latest version of Flash player. I moved to my laptop instead. There was a significant delay between the hosts, so they tripped each other up a couple of times, but that’s par for the course with video chat, and they handled it well.

You know…

…I’ve thought about doing something similar: having an organic, unscripted conversation with a colleague and friend about edu-stuff and posting it afterwards. I was thinking just audio, and not live, but this was pretty sweet, and seemed to have low overhead to get started. Maybe it’s time, if I can find something that works from my phone. Suggestions? Anyone else interested?

And of course…

…I had a good time. Thanks to Colin and Danika for going live, interacting, and maybe even inspiring. I suppose inspiration is part of the job description.

2 thoughts on “Watched my first live Edupunk Podcast

  1. Cool! Thanks for joining our conversation. Spreecast works well for this, but like you note, its a Flash based thing, so no iPhone love. I’ve not done it, but apparently Google+ Hangouts work well from iPhone, and you can do them live and record them as well. We started using Spreecast before G+Hangouts started, otherwise we may have used that. Both are pretty low overhead. :-)

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