Some free Kindle fantasy books today (2013 02 19)

I “bought” a couple of free books for my Kindle today. I don’t really need more to read, but I can’t resist them all. I did resist a couple of relatively long books; these ones are shorter. Nice cover art. Maybe someday I’ll even read them…

WICK (Wick Series) by Michael Bunker – “…A Mind-Bending Thriller…” – Listed under “Science Fiction – Adventure” and “Fantasy – Alternative History”. 197 pages.

Edgewood (Edgewood Series) by Karen McQuestion – “…a brand new, spellbinding novel…” – Listed under “Fantasy – Paranormal” and “Science Fiction – Adventure”. 325 pages.

Perhaps I’ll write a review, if I ever read them.


2 thoughts on “Some free Kindle fantasy books today (2013 02 19)

  1. Brandon — Chris Awalt here, the co-author of Wick… Thanks for downloading our book and mentioning it on your blog. I hope you do get a chance to read the book (and others in the series). Michael and I had fun writing it and we hope that you will find it entertaining. As independent writers, we depend on word of mouth to get our books out there, and as guys who are not afraid of having our work reviewed by folks who come across it, we welcome any insights you might have in taking at look at the book. The first book is essentially a story about a guy who walks out of the city in the wake of superstorm Sandy, trekking to upstate New York where he stumbles into a blizzard and then onto a revolution and then… well, you’ll just have to read it to find out. But we think it is interesting. The reviews have been very strong and the book is selling at a rate that exceeds all expectations. During our giveaway, we reached #9 on Amazon and gave away more than 32K copies. But none of that matters much unless people find the time and inclination to read it. We hope you do and look forward to seeing your comments. Cheers!

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