Learning About the Chaotic Trading Card Game (TCG)

I recently came across a sale on packages of Chaotic cards. I hadn’t really heard of the game before, and I had never played a trading card game (I had heard of Magic: The Gathering and a few others, but never played). The Chaotic packages were pretty cheap, and so after a quick check on my phone for reviews, I bought a few starter packs and a bunch of booster packs.

The artwork is pretty excellent. I’m not familiar with the standard images on TCG cards, but these seem pretty well done to me. Some are more digital-looking, others appear more painted or hand-drawn.

I wasn’t prepared for how complicated the game is. I didn’t know what to expect, but Chaotic is far more nuanced than I imagined it would be. There are five different basic card types, many of which are divided into five tribes. There are six different attributes to track for each creature, and a two-dimensional gameplay surface.

There are two sets of rules: Apprentice Rules and Master Rules. The Apprentice Rules are pretty straightforward as they ignore a large part of the detail of the game. The Master Rules are far more interesting, but I find a couple of points confusing. I don’t quite understand all of the details of the Burst, and I’m not clear about when exactly a player can use Mugic. The tutorial on the Chaotic Game site was pretty good, but didn’t quite give me everything I was looking for.

I used the list provided at TradeCardsOnline.com to help me sort through the cards I have already. I have a few cards in the M’arrellian Invasion, the Zenith of the Hive, the Dawn of Perim, and the Silent Sands series, but most are in the Turn of the Tide series. I put the list of the Turn of the Tide cards in a Google spreadsheet; feel free to take a look.

Comments and suggestions are welcome – I’m still not 100% clear on the rules, so if someone can help I’d appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “Learning About the Chaotic Trading Card Game (TCG)

    • Yeah, I see their site is finished also. Too bad; it seemed interesting. Ah well. I have enough cards to have fun with the kids, and they’re liking Redakai (which is much more accessible to them).

  1. Hello I am interested in buying your chaotic cards. The cards I would like to buy are..
    Glacier plains, m’arrillian melting camp
    Lord Van Bloot, Servant of Aa’une
    Iflar the Crown Prince
    Dread Tread
    Please respond, I am serious about purchasing and/or trading these cards

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