NaPoWriMo – April 5 – “Go-To Guy”

I can’t throw in the towel right this minute
People are counting on me
I made a commitment
I’ll see it through

Someday I’ll need more than an “attaboy”
I’ll need more than quiet recognition

Maybe I’ve already received my rewards
Maybe I’ve come this far because of my efforts
Maybe I’m being compensated fairly

Doesn’t feel that way

I’m working another double because it needs to be ready
No one really understands what goes into the final result.

They see the
without the hours of anguish that formed it

I won’t tell them
I don’t ask for favours
I don’t look for perks
I follow the rules
I do my job and more
I’m “appreciated”

Recognizing someone’s skills
Is different from
Compensating them for their work
When you’re reliably competent, you just get
More work to do

I’m tired
My inbox is perpetually full
I’m the only one who can do this stuff
I don’t say no
I can squeeze it all in

They say no one is indispensable
I hope that’s true
If it is
I might be able to get some


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