NaPoWriMo – April 14 – “Break and Enter”

From the inside of the cuff of his jacket
He took a gem
An emerald
Cut into a perfect cube
Very small.
Edgar pressed the
Tiny rock against the metal
Securing the window lock.
He looked about
To make sure
The street was truly empty then
Called forth the magic.

Bright green strands of power
Burst from the emerald
Whipping and thrashing
About his fingers.

He harnessed them quickly
With his mind
Expertly wrapping them about the lock
To Soften it.

The light died away
As the spell ended.
Edgar took a moment
To allow his eyes to adjust
Then lifted the window pane
The metal of the lock
Stretched out
Like a thick syrup
Thinner and thinner in the middle
Until it finally snapped.
He stopped lifting the pane and
Dispelled the enchantment
Tucking the emerald back into his cuff.
He flattened the threads
Of the now-ruined latch to one side and
Swung his legs over the sill.


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