Week Three of NaPoWriMo

Well, I finished poem #21 today. This is getting harder. Sometimes I feel inspired, sometimes it’s a real slog to get through something that I know [a few] people will actually read. Today’s poem felt a little lame, but that’s where I am right now, so you and I will both have to deal with it. :)

NaPoWriMo – April 15 – “12.5 Kilometers”

NaPoWriMo – April 16 – “Self-Censored”

NaPoWriMo – April 17 – “Position of Responsibility”

NaPoWriMo – April 18 – “Culinary Preferences”

NaPoWriMo – April 19 – “My Twitter PLN”

NaPoWriMo – April 20 – “Irrational Response” [most views this week]

NaPoWriMo – April 21 – “Doesn’t Have To Be Good”

Thanks to everyone who’s reading along. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know we’re almost in the home stretch. Wish me luck as I try to make the last nine worth reading!


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