NaPoWriMo – April 29 – “Meta-Haikus”

Writing haikus is
Sort of easy, unless you
Want them to be deep.

The challenge is more
Than syllabic in nature:

But what can I say
In seventeen syllables
That is meaningful?

No hyphenation
Across lines, as well, I guess,
Just to make it hard.

Okay, I can live with
That restriction. Haven’t said
Anything worthwhile yet.

I’d better try to
Crank out a good one here. Bad
At verse; how’s this one?:

Night cooly blankets
The countryside on a hot
Northern evening.

I guess you’d have to
Pronounce “evening” with three
Syllables for that.

Let me try again;
That one was terrible. I
Should know better, eh?

The kiss lands gently
Gracing his lover’s soft cheek
Soft rush of passion.

Hmm, pretty mushy.
Am I cut out for this? I
Don’t know. Maybe not.


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