I installed Minecraft because of #ecoo13

Minecraft Pocket Edition screenshot

I attended a session about using Minecraft for instruction yesterday, and I found myself wanting someone to show me how to play. Then I realized two things:

  1. I can play without being shown how.
  2. I have access to a bazillion videos on YouTube from the rabid, Minecraft-loving masses.

I don’t need to ask for help, or details, or ideas. That’s what the Internet is for.
So I installed the free Pocket Edition Lite on my iPad while waiting for the plane at Billy Bishop and messed around a little during the flight.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite

My initial reflections:

  1. I’m used to (and I like) text instructions/prompts. Minecraft doesn’t really have these.
  2. I’m used to being told what the goal is in a game.
  3. The graphics induced nostalgia.

I understand the iPad version (especially the free one) is less complete than the PC version, but I think I’ll start here for now.
Next steps:

  1. Figure out how to do stuff.
  2. Have fun.
  3. Learn to use Minecraft to engage students in their learning.


Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite is very light… I just paid the $6.99 for the full version of Pocket Edition – way more complete.

Update 2

Yup, I was right: YouTube is the place to learn how to play Minecraft. I found the tutorials I viewed very interesting, particularly the detailed, complex environments people build. For example, one person had a vast “barn” in which each wall was lined with furnaces, stonecutters, chests and more. Steps down into mines were perfectly regular – no variation in slope, and the torches were exactly, evenly placed. Wow.

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