Suggestions for collecting student work?

My wife (@KerriGrasley) and I are trying to find a solution for managing collections of student work electronically. She teaches grade 5 and has an iPad. We are not a GAFE nor O365 board. She’s trying out Evernote, but she hit the 60MB transfer limit pretty quickly.

Here are the requirements:

  • It needs to be able to accept a large number of photos (hence the Evernote disappointment – even Premium is only 1GB/month). She’d like to take pictures of student work (which is often physical) and her feedback to them.
  • It needs to be “organizable” so that she can later find all of a student’s collected work in a strand (e.g. all work by John Smith in Patterning and Algebra).
  • It needs to be manageable from an iPad (i.e. no computer required, mostly).
  • It needs to reduce duplication. For example, if three students collaborated on a product, she wants to be able to quickly attach all three students to that piece of work (and not upload that photo three times). Some kind of tagging system would do this if its search capabilities are good.
  • It would also be nice if there was a way to share student work easily with their parents afterwards, although that’s not essential.

I’m wondering if Evernote might still be the way to go. Thoughts?


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