Accessing my Twitter PLN (and @ColleenKR’s)

As you surely know, gentle reader, I posted recently asking for some help (Suggestions for collecting student work?). When I post to WordPress, I also publicize my post on Twitter and Google+. The conversations that resulted on Twitter were really interesting.


Sharon Moskovitz (@s_m077), a Grade 3 teacher for the Toronto District School Board (whom I have never met, to my knowledge), replied, and we chatted briefly:


I still need to follow up on the Dropbox angle.

Then a few days later Colleen Rose (@ColleenKR), an arts teacher in Superior-Greenstone DSB (whom I have met, and who maintains an excellent hashtag for her students, #niprockart) retweeted my blog post to her own professional learning network using the hashtag #artsed and a couple of mentions:


This prompted two conversations. The first one is here:


And the second one is here:


So, now I have lots of work to do, exploring different tools and services. But wait! There’s more!

Colleen thanked her #artsed PLN, and it’s clear that (a) the learning isn’t done, and (b) this conversation helped people other than me.


I tweeted my amazement, and Colleen summed it up well:


Twitter rocks, and the people on it rock even more.


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