100th Post: Welcoming an administrator to blogging

I’ve been struggling a little to write a 100th post for this blog. It’s been a little over a year of learning in this medium, and I have a lot of thoughts I could share about it, but today I saw a tweet that changed my mind about what I would write:

@davidjaremy's tweet about his new blog

David Jaremy is the principal of Hornepayne Elementary and Secondary School (“HESS”) in the northernmost part of our northern Ontario board. Here’s a map – go ahead and zoom out until you understand where it is in the province:

David and I have been chatting on Twitter for quite a while, and I recently spent a day at his school, working with his staff on e-Learning, Blended Learning, and more.

And so I “casually encouraged” him to start blogging, mentioning that I’ve found it to be a really valuable exercise. I referred to a recent post (I think it was this one), which he told me he’d read and that he was now going to (re)start. We talked a little about platform, and I suggested WordPress.com.

So I patted myself on the back a little when I saw the tweet, and again when I saw another tweet a little later, on a topic that we have talked about before:

@davidjaremy's tweet about his second blog post

So I think it’s appropriate for my 100th post to happily congratulate David on his first. Kind of meta.

Also, I wanted to share his work and to encourage everyone to participate in the conversation he’s started there. I’ll be involved, and I’d love to see others join in.

You can connect with him as @DavidJaremy on Twitter and http://davidjaremy.wordpress.com on WordPress.

Warning: he also likes to talk about hockey.

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