Starting Nordic Skiing


Our family just finished buying cross-country skis, boots, and poles. On Family Day this past February we ventured out to Hiawatha Highlands and rented some equipment to give it a whirl. Kerri and I have both skied with our classes and as kids, but our children hadn’t tried it before.

We’re not expert skiers, and so we’re not expert skiing teachers. We are trying to sign the kids up for lessons (success for our daughter; hoping another class opens up for our son). If that doesn’t pan out we’ll just take him on the trails with us.

Looks like Hiawatha has trails groomed and open, so we’ll be getting out there soon. We also live in the country east of the Sault, and we have 15 acres to tromp around in ourselves. Kerri and I bought Fischer Country Crown skis, as wide as possible while still narrow enough for the groomed tracks.

I took the kids out in the front yard last night for 20 minutes, and they had a great time making lines in the fresh snow. Lots of fun – looking forward to lots more family time this winter!


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