Short posts

Sometimes I take a while to write what I feel is a “complete” blog post – you know, the kind with headings, links, images, charts,… But when I’m reading posts, I often don’t want to see that. Organized and with headings, sure. Many screenfuls of stuff? Not really.

So here’s my plan – I’m going to try to write more shorter, less planned posts. Like this one. In favour? Let me know. Prefer the longer stuff? I can do that too, and I’m sure I will.

Maybe the short ones will be to get stuff out of my head, and the long ones will be to consolidate my thinking. Sure, let’s say that.


2 thoughts on “Short posts

  1. I think you should write what you want. If your writing is meaningful, that’s all that matters. Bells and whistles are unnecessary. Write to please yourself. Who cares what people think. The right audience, even if it be one person, will appreciate short and sweet or long and detailed as long as it’s from the heart or a deep place.

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