Christmas Holidays for Teachers

Picture of a boy jumping onto a snow slider.The Christmas holiday comes again

We unplug for a temporary reprieve from


And we pour ourselves back into our families

Trying to reset the balance we know we’ve lost

With outdoor play in the snow
With big, everyone-there meals
With tight hugs
With quiet, tearful words

And a Resolution

To do better
To appreciate our time
To connect more

But we anxiously remember that we said the same thing

A year ago

We really mean it again this year

And we really need to do better.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Holidays for Teachers

  1. Lovely.

    I feel like you are beating yourself up a bit though.

    Teachers’ kids are lucky. They HAVE their parents during Christmas, March Break, Summer. I became a teacher after kid #1 was born, just for that reason. It gave me the best chance to balance parenting and a career.

    For the first time, this year my KIDS (who are not teachers) have to work during the holidays. My daughter works on Christmas Day. We won’t have our kids with us for Christmas for the first time ever. Will their kids have them?

    As long as we have to work and raise children, we will struggle with the balance, because in a perfect world we would have them all the time. At least teachers get the same holidays as their kids, and that is magical.

    Enjoy every special minute with your family. See you on the other side.

    • Hi Donna,
      Maybe a little. I’ve achieved a better balance than I’ve had in a long time, but I still feel guilty about work that remains undone or time that work takes away from family.
      But you’re right: we have good, consistent vacation times in large chunks, and we do our best to savour them.
      Enjoy your time as well, and I hope you get to spend it with the people you love!

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