Tweets on the Hundreds

This post’s “publicize” tweet will have been my 3700th tweet. I thought it would be interesting to look back at my tweets which were “on the hundreds” – 100th, 200th, etc. I used to retrieve my last 3200 tweets and did some quick spreadsheet work with them. Note that the links are Twitter’s links, which they use to track clicks. It’s kind of hard to get my early tweets in a nice way (i.e. through the Twitter “request archive” button), so I didn’t bother. I’ve highlighted my 1000th, 2000th, and 3000th tweets. As you can see, I’m not very careful with my “milestone” tweets.

It was a nice little stroll through some memories. Some of them don’t make a lot of sense to me out of their context, but most are pretty clear. My favourites from this list are 1300, 1500, 2100, 2200, 2500, and 3000. I also noted that I said “#srsly” four times.

Number Date Tweet
500 Oct 25, 2012 Central Peel going to have a TEDx! #ecoo12
600 Nov 16, 2012 RT @dougpete: Using Twitter to locate the latest information on your research topic via @zite
700 Nov 29, 2012 Sweet! It works! And it’s pretty! “@dougpete: Google adds spreadsheet creation and editing to mobile versions”
800 Dec 18, 2012 RT @PJAnello: Well, I’d say @Desire2Learn just got better for students: #education #innovation
900 Jan 20, 2013 RT @kdesrochers23: Grade 5’s in Calgary would like to know the temperature in your city today! Please RT #scichat …
1000 Feb 02, 2013  #instaweatherpro app #weather now in #Sault Ste Marie
1100 Feb 13, 2013 Related is Inkscape for vector graphics at or – works with SVG files instead of photos @fryed
1200 Feb 22, 2013 @fryed @jacbalen Intended for leaders, good for everyone! #onted #educoach
1300 Mar 02, 2013 My son’s watercolour painting today.
1400 Mar 19, 2013 @dougpete I think One Tab is worth having in my list :)
1500 Mar 26, 2013 Peter Sovran: “I’ll do my very best to give a Ministry answer” to questions #OTRK12
1600 Mar 27, 2013 Session rooms list is at (about to start Wednesday Session 1) #OTRK12
1700 Apr 01, 2013 RT @fryed: If safe drinking water is a priority for you, tell @pmharper the WORLD needs the Experimental Lakes Area #savetheela http://t
1800 Apr 08, 2013 RT @Cmdr_Hadfield: Tonight’s Finale: Aurora dances above a ribbon of dawn.
1900 Apr 16, 2013 @DavidJaremy Well, it’s after 5am and before 11pm, so pretty good :)
2000 Apr 23, 2013  Please reply or add comments to my Google Doc for planning PD on Twitter in the Classroom: #ontEd #edTech
2100 Apr 25, 2013 #NaPoWriMo – April 25 – “New Position Haiku” #poetry #writing
2200 May 01, 2013 I accidentally spelled “awesome” with an “n”, and my phone autocorrected it to “awesomeness”. #awesome
2300 May 12, 2013 Just started a fire in the woodstove. Ridiculous.
2400 May 31, 2013 @dougpete Thanks, and have a great Friday!
2500 Jun 27, 2013 “It takes 700 times less time”? You mean “It takes 1/700th as much time”, otherwise executing that procedure would break causality. #srsly
2600 Sep 18, 2013 @audible_com On my iPhone, while driving, running, or doing dishes.
2700 Oct 10, 2013 Search Creative Commons Flickr images with *multiple colours* at
2800 Oct 24, 2013 Can’t – need more ingredients! MT @AICTCoordinator: How do you take information and convert it into intelligence? #ecoo13 #edchat #edtech
2900 Oct 26, 2013 I installed Minecraft because of #ecoo13
3000 Oct 31, 2013  Why doesn’t MS Excel 2010 have YYYY-MM-DD as a standard date format (it’s ISO 8601!)? I have to TYPE IT IN as a custom format?!? #srsly?
3100 Nov 10, 2013 @TL_Stevenson Awesome! I remember my mom reading to me when I was older. And my high school students always wanted me to read too.
3200 Nov 14, 2013 RT @dougpete: Just blogged… How Wes Fryer Ruined My Day
3300 Nov 19, 2013 @DavidJaremy @swartz19 @timrobinsonj @joelwoodeLc @pjanello @wallied You’re spoiled in ADSB :)
3400 Nov 25, 2013 Anyone have an FSL hashtag or educator list for Twitter? #onted #edchat @PalmsTine
3500 Dec 01, 2013 Just finished assembling 8 game packs of Star Wars Pocketmodel Tactics TCG with the kids. They helped too, honest.
3600 Dec 11, 2013 Students are the digital natives. #FiveWordEdTechHorrors

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