What do you want most from #OTRK12?

On the Rise LogoWe are a few days away from opening registration to On The Rise K-12: Enhancing Digital Learning with a solid list of sessions for all participants, but I want to ask again to ensure that your needs are being met:

What do you want most from OTRK12?

Why are you going? 

What goals do you have for yourself/your students/your board related to digital learning?

What are the barriers you’re trying to overcome?

What are the successes you’ve had and want to share?

How has digital learning impacted you professionally? Personally?

What are your short term needs that you want to connect with other people about? What are your long term needs?

On The Rise is a chance to meet with enthusiastic people from around the province, people who are interested in doing better. That’s what this symposium is about: to learn together and share what we learn so that we can enhance our learning and the learning of our students.

So tell us what you need!


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