Photo instructions to build a Lego X-Wing Fighter from Brickmaster book’s pieces

Lego X-Wing Fighter

I like the Brickmaster Lego books that DK produces. You can sometimes get them for $15-20 Canadian (Winners, for example), and they have about 150 pieces that work nicely for a variety of models. That’s how the books work: you get instructions for building about four pairs of models (eight total) with the same 150 bricks.

I wanted to build a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter from the pieces in one of these books (ISBN 978-0756663117). I realize that it would be better with some other bricks, probably with other bricks that I already have, but I like the challenge of producing an alternative model from a single set. Here is a sequence of photos clumped together showing how the one I made is put together.

(If you’re interested, I took these photos with my iPad while I disassembled the model.)

X-Wing Build Photos


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