Word Lens: real-time OCR and translation app

This was too cool to pass up. Free today (thanks, @mraspinall!) is Word Lens.



Live image


Editable image


Cool, eh? Useful for travellers, fun for the rest of us.

5 thoughts on “Word Lens: real-time OCR and translation app

      • except that the translation is brutally awful, and would be something I could show my students to demonstrate why word by word machine translating doesn’t really work (sigh). Cool for its purpose, though.

      • Yup, it’s not going to really help people learn a language or translate formal documents.

        I did use it to “translate” a paragraph about science teaching. I handed the translation to our central support teacher for French, and she was able to make sense of it and tell me what it meant. She did say that grade 3 immersion students would be able to write something better :)

        Thanks for your comments Lisa!

  1. it is true texts translated this way will be awful BUT in some cases this is real help, for example when you examining foreign technical drawings and need to translate single words or very short notes on them.

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