This is me not keeping up

I was right to be a little nervous about starting my new job this fall. Not because I’m unskilled, or my students will devour me, or I’ve lost touch with the realities of teaching.

It’s because I have one foot in each world, and those two worlds both want to take over.

Case in point

I like to blog. I enjoy dumping my thinking and reflections here. See how many posts I’ve had since school started? Yeah. Ugh.

Finding time

There is more to do in a day than can be done in a day. My system-level e-Learning transition work officially takes just one period a day, but tends to spill over into 3+ periods a day. My online, combined ICS3C/ICS3U course is supposed to happen in another 75 minutes; that one mostly soaks up my evenings. MDM4U is the most manageable, probably because my class time is utterly sacred and untouchable. So I end up working 12-14 hour days and still have…let’s see…ah, down to 105 unread emails.

I’m not blaming

The new guys are learning the ropes (and rather well, if I can say that out loud), but it all takes time. It’s not their fault; not at all. I had years to learn, refine, and practice the eLC skills, so there is a lot that I’ll have to do for now while I teach them.

But it would be nice to focus…

…on just the teaching and department heading. Today I worked with the team and with Career Studies teachers using Blended Learning, and I felt guilty not being with my class (they had a solid math teacher with them today, which is sometimes a luxury, so it’s not a logical guilt). Right now I’m about to check on my ICS students and help them along so they can have a great Friday. And I’m thinking I should be emailing guidance counselors and I’m prepping for tomorrow’s BL session and then there’s that teleconference on Monday…. Definitely not keeping up.


3 thoughts on “This is me not keeping up

  1. Brandon, this is my life right now too. Trying to keep all our courses up and running, make it to all the meetings I’m supposed to be at for the new initiatives we’re working on, complete the courses I’m taking this fall, attended D2L’s user conference today, and hoping I’ll have a moment to look ahead at what’s coming. Forget digging out of my inbox.

    You’ll find your way. And at some point out of necessity, you’ll figure out what to let go or delegate so you can focus your energy on the priorities. Hang in.

    • Thanks, Carrie. I’m glad I’m not the only one. It’s frustrating because all of the work is good work; there’s just too much of it :)
      Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on this stuff. I’m just giving up on expecting to finish everything.

  2. Reblogged this on davidjaremy and commented:
    Hey! If it helps, I remembered how to change passwords for my staff in the HESS Professional Learning site…..saving some time for you and Tarmo and the other guy who I don’t remember….

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