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I’m having trouble posting to Brian Aspinall’s blog, so here’s my quick response to

Not only do we need students to experience other manufacturers’ devices, we need them to struggle to perform tasks with different types of devices. Some types are better than others for certain purposes.

I’ve heard about some Ontario elementary schools which have removed all computers in favour of tablets. I bet the principal, secretary, and teachers still have computers to use, because they’re useful.

There is no one-size-fits-all device, app, manufacturer, or approach.

Good thinking – thanks for inviting comments!


4 thoughts on “Replyin’ to Brian @mraspinall

  1. I agree, Brandon. It’s time for some DT, Differentiated Technology. And only only for learning purposes as you’ve mentioned, but also not to allow schools to be ‘unequally yoked’ with corporations, even the almighty and benevolent Google. I recently heard someone say “We’re a Dell board.” I cringed. It carries the same sting as hearing someone say, “We’re a Coca-cola board.” I prefer education to keep neutral on these things, even avoiding being a “Google board.”

    As George Couros mentioned in his keynote at BIT14, we shouldn’t be letting board level tech people determine the learning tools. That’s a better decision to be made by people most affected by that decision – the teachers and students. Though, it’s harder to get a bulk discount that way. :)

    • The bulk discount matters, for sure, but perhaps we can have it both ways: buy a bunch of different things in bulk. Don’t buy 2500 iPads; buy 500 iPads, 1000 Chromebooks, 500 laptops, 500 Macs, 500 Android something-or-others, 100 Raspberry Pis, and 1000 other things that people are hoping to use that you haven’t though of. It’s more complicated, and some of it probably won’t work very well, but we can learn from all of it.

  2. We don’t have computer labs like you mentioned. Not because they aren’t good tools like you mentioned but because we found classes all going down, doing the same task – quietly – while a teacher marked. Is that a good use of time?: Our computers still exist, just not in one place.

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