We have to stop pretending… #MakeSchoolDifferent

I’m responding to Sue Dunlop’s challenge (which is the result of a series of challenges stretching back to Scott McLeod). I’ve only read a few of the other posts that this challenge has generated, so I apologize to anyone who already expressed these same thoughts.

  1. We have to stop pretending that it’s okay to complain about someone else instead of offering them support.
  2. We have to stop pretending that telling people to learn how to cope is an effective strategy for dealing with mental health challenges.
  3. We have to stop pretending that evaluation can be both objective and accurate when implemented by a single human.
  4. We have to stop pretending it’s acceptable and reasonable for reporting periods to dictate the pace of learning in our classrooms.
  5. We have to stop pretending that there is a single, correct solution to any one of these complex problems.
  6. We have to stop pretending that we can do this on our own.

Oops, that’s 6. Ah well.

The tagged? David Jaremy, Peter Anello, Tim Robinson, Eva Thompson, and Doug Peterson. Additional apologies if you’ve already been tagged.


6 thoughts on “We have to stop pretending… #MakeSchoolDifferent

  1. Thanks for responding to the challenge, Brandon. I just discovered your blog and so glad I did. I really look forward to reading it in my feed.

    I really like #1 too. It’s simple to say but sometimes hard to reach out. Often those we complain about are not those we want to spend time on or with. And what if they reject us? That said, I agree that it’s something to strive for.,

    • Thanks, Sue. Since writing this I’ve caught myself several times in “complaining mode”, and I’ve consciously switched into “support mode”. It’s made a big difference already, not just in my mindset but in my colleagues’.
      Thanks for the comment and the compliment! :)

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