Not a PB, but I beat my goal

I participated in Run The Great Lakes today. I ran 5K in about 27:28 (based on the clock at the chute – I took a while to dig out my phone and stop Nike+). It wasn’t my best race, or the best weather, or my best time, but it was better than my goal. 


The Route

I wanted to beat 28 minutes, since I haven’t run a race or run very regularly in a couple of years. Add in the accidental detour at the end (I went to the wrong parking lot and had to backtrack over a grassy divide), and I’m pretty happy with my performance. 


The Detour

I think I’ve said this on here before, but you don’t always have to do better than you’ve ever done before. It’s good to reevaluate your situation and set goals based on where you are, not where you’ve been. 

Of course, if I’d run a PB (like my wife did!) this would have been a very different post :)

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