Off Topic On Purpose

This morning Gregory Taylor (@mathtans) tweeted to me:

We back-and-forthed once, which I hope displays properly here:

And he was right. So here I am, even though I’m tired, because I like to write. It might even relax me a little.

In a rut

I notice that my last four posts have all been about work. That can be all right, I suppose, but I try to keep this blog more varied than that. Unfortunately, when I decided to write a post tonight only work-related ideas popped into my head. Tragic. I’m living and breathing this job, and it’s consuming my entire brain.

I don’t want to be in this brainrut all the time; I don’t think it’s good for me, my brain, or my family.


My plan is to intentionally write some posts in the next while that are not related to my job in any way that I can perceive.

Therefore I’m signing off entirely for the night, even though I’m sure there are emails waiting for responses, because I’ve already worked 60 hours this week and it’s only Thursday. I’m going to escape into something I enjoy and turn off my teachermind until tomorrow morning.

Good night.

2 thoughts on “Off Topic On Purpose

  1. Glad you found that helpful! Best of luck being less consumed by the teaching! If it helps, you don’t necessarily have to make a clean break… my personified math is related to the subject matter without really tying into the job itself. Either way, February’s a good time to switch it up… before evaluations and the like really get rolling in semester two.

  2. I’m not sure I should be leaving this… I hope you’ve enjoyed some “time away” before you return. Lol. What’s really draining about this job is the “payoff”. For me, the hours put in are more palatable if I can see it’s benefiting my students. And sometimes they’re benefiting and they don’t even know it. Sometimes we give them a hammer and they leave it on their belt for a while. To what extent is this a problem of teachers doing all the work and students expecting to be “fed”? We talk a lot about the “shift” that has to happen but I struggle with what that looks like in the classroom and what a system approach looks like. Hope you find some time for yourself next semester. Your students will need it.

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