Helpful way to summarize notes in MDM4U?

I made a little booklet for my Grade 12 Data Management students to help them organize and summarize their notes in this part of the course. It’s not exhaustive; it’s just to show them that it’s worthwhile to take time to review their learning and actually record it, and to give them a structure to try.

Skills Tracking – Combinatorics – booklet

So many students don’t really consolidate their new learning each day, and then the study by “reading over” their notes (which means flipping pages while Netflixing, I think).

Is this format helpful for reviewing and summarizing? Is it a good physical size (it’ll print on US Letter size paper and fold in half, yielding a 5.5″W by 8.5″H booklet)?

One thought on “Helpful way to summarize notes in MDM4U?

  1. Nice and simple: I like it.

    Maybe include a spot somewhere for students to jot down questions they have, so if they are studying outside of class and run into a problem, they won’t forget the question before they can ask you or someone else for help.

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