Plane thoughts – part 5

I recently participated in a meeting for the EdCan Network, part of the Canadian Education Association, in Mississauga. I knew we’d be talking about some heavy issues regarding education in Ontario, especially K-12 education. I spent my time on the flights down and back writing some thoughts I’d been wrestling with. I’m planning to share those thoughts in small posts for a little while. Here’s the fifth entry.

People look to YouTube for experts when learning, especially when learning outside of the context of formal education.

This is very effective if many people want to learn the same thing, because YouTube promotes effective (or at least popular) teaching examples above the poor examples. You can learn to play the guitar, change a tire, or factor a complex trinomial.

It is less effective (or impossible) if only a very few people want to learn the same thing, because that niche knowledge may not be present in video form, or there may be few examples to curate. The same is true if the development of a skill requires careful supervision.

In this case it may be necessary to look elsewhere for an expert, and perhaps to have a direct, one-to-one relationship with them, such as a master-apprentice relationship.

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