What do you choose to learn about when you’re not at school?

I had an interesting talk with the student today about a variety of topics related to schooling and education. I asked her one question which has been staying with me throughout the evening so far. 

“What do you learn about when you’re not at school? What do you learn about because you want to, not because you have to? What are you curious about?”

I think each person’s answers can give some insight into what their passions are. Curiosity is an incredibly valuable commodity, and nurturing it is some of the most important work we do. Let’s help foster the inquiring mindset while being careful not to steal the passion by imposing our structures. 

2 thoughts on “What do you choose to learn about when you’re not at school?

  1. I think these are great questions for teachers too.

    As a parent, I wanted interesting people in front of my kids. Great teachers, yes, but also people with experiences and passions to share.

    What I didn’t want, were burnt out content arrangers, up until the middle of the night creating the “perfect lesson” that would allow my child to memorize more information.

    We need teachers who are passionate learners, teachers who show kids that learning is exciting, teachers who spark the curiosity for kids to keep learning outside of school time.

    Our teachers need time to find and explore those passions, and share them with students.

    Thanks for asking these important questions!

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