Successful Coffee House at #SHCVS

Tonight I got out of my comfort zone again at school.

Mr. Aceti, music teacher, theatre guy, etc., organized a coffee house as a fundraiser for the local Soup Kitchen and invited me to sing and play guitar.

I was nervous, and so were most of the students. Lots of them said things like, “I’m not very good, but here’s a song by so-and-so.” It was an eye-opener in light of my own trepidation; for some reason I thought the students would be more comfortable with performing.

I played guitar and sang “Creep” by Radiohead (with lyrics modified, of course). I think it went pretty well, although it’s hard to tell from behind the microphone. I think someone recorded it with their phone, so I might ask around so I can watch/listen to it.

There were lots of great student performances, and it was nice to meet some kids that I don’t teach (and probably won’t teach this year). I think it was a valuable experience for all of us, breaking past fears and shyness and just sharing with friends and strangers. There was a climate of support and encouragement in the room, which was awesome.

And the best part? One student who didn’t already know me thought I was a grade 12 student. :)