Run/Art for the Cure this Sunday

I’m participating again this year in our local Run For The Cure. I’d be very grateful if you can donate any amount you can to this worthy cause.

Donate at this link:

There’s more!

If you donate $100 or more, I’ll send you an original painting of mine at no cost to you. You can choose one or request something “custom”. Here are a few samples:




Bag o' Beans

Thanks for helping out!

Art for the Cure

A few weeks ago my tweep Colleen Rose (@ColleenKR) mentioned that she was going to paint a picture to help raise money for her Relay For Life team, and then donate the painting to the local cancer clinic. See her original post here, including a link to donate and photos of her work in progress:

I have a few paintings lying around the house that probably won’t make it onto my wall, but that someone might want on their wall. I’m happy to give paintings away to family and friends if they’re interested, but Colleen got me thinking a little more about raising money with artwork.

So here’s my plan

If you’re interested in donating to cancer research and would like one of the paintings below, you can donate to Colleen’s Relay For Life (cancer) team or to my Run For The Cure (breast cancer) page and let me know which painting you’d like. I’ll ship or otherwise deliver the painting to you, within reason (I expect shipping to Antigua would be a little costly, so we’d have to talk about it).

But wait, there’s more

I’m planning to paint a 16×20″ canvas of daffodils sometime in the next few months. The person who donates the most to my Run For The Cure page and expresses interest in the painting will receive it. I’m thinking of a painting based loosely on this photo, but I’m open to suggestions:

A photo of a single daffodil among green stems

Paintings by donation

Here are the original paintings you can donate to receive. They are all 9″x12″ acrylic on canvas board. I’m suggesting a minimum donation of $150 for each one (of course, more is better; these are good causes!).

Painting 1


Painting 2


Painting 3


And thank you

I hope you’ll support one effort or both efforts to raise funds in the fight against cancer. Thanks very much!

Donation links again:

Colleen’s Relay For Life (cancer) team

My Run For The Cure (breast cancer) page

4 sites with reference photos for artists

Acrylic painting based on a photo I took. 16x20" canvas.

Acrylic painting based on a photo I took. 16×20″ canvas.

I’m learning to paint in acrylic. I have excellent brushes (these and these), wonderful paints, dozens of blank canvases, and not many ideas.

So I go outside and take some pictures, and a few of them seem to be worth painting. I’m not a great photographer, though… I’ve taken about ten thousand pictures in the last few years, and I’m pretty happy with a couple of hundred, maybe. You can see some of them at my Flickr page.

Okay, since that hasn’t given me everything I wanted, I turn to the Internet to find images that I could paint. And I immediately run into a snag: copyright.

I’m not opposed to practising my painting techniques on any old image I can find, but on the off chance I want to sell a painting (or give one away – much more common) I don’t want any legal entanglements. Plus, copyrighted images are copyrighted for a reason; I certainly don’t want to deny anyone the opportunity to monetize their work.

So Creative Commons stuff and Public Domain stuff are great.

I have four sources I typically use for my paintings (apart from my own photos). There are others, but many sites require that their images not be used digitally, which I understand but can’t live with.


This excellent photo sharing site has a good Creative Commons licence search/filter. I go to the CC-BY licence, generally; I find the “Share Alike” licences confusing (what if you combine images with different licences?) and the “Non-Commercial” licences don’t meet my needs. [On a side note, this is also a great backup service for your own photos.]

Smithsonian Art Museum

The Smithsonian has a nice collection of stuff. Most of it is copyrighted and not okay for my purposes, but I found some good paintings by Edward Mitchell Bannister that are in the public domain (he died in 1901).

WetCanvas Artist Reference Library

This is a community for artists. The interface is a little dated, but there is a large reference library for artists that can be helpful.

Morgue File

This is the best one. Really high quality images and a pretty liberal licence (just shy of public domain), and many have higher quality versions that you can license if you need them. Lots of great photography here. I’m currently working on a painting of this, and I’m planning to paint this, this, this and this. And yes, they do explain the creepy name.