Doing worse is fine sometimes


I just finished a 5K run in 27 minutes, 18 seconds. That’s not even close to my best time, which is a little over 23 minutes, if I remember correctly.

I might provide reasons (some would say “excuses”) for this backsliding of nearly 60 seconds per kilometre. I might say that I haven’t run consistently since last summer. I might say that it was windy, or that 2 kilometres were on soft, muddy, gravel road. I could probably invent a few reasons that sound plausible too.

But even though I can excuse my performance today, I don’t think I need to. Even if I had run 5K in 22 minutes last week a time of 30 minutes today would be just fine. I wasn’t trying to break any records; I was just trying to finish 5K.

And I did finish 5K. That’s an accomplishment, even if I didn’t get a virtual badge from Nike+. I don’t need to do better every time; it’s okay to do worse sometimes. I’m proud that I finished, and I’m happy that I received a few virtual backpats from my friends.