The Enchanted Forest Chronicles: fun fantasy reads for middle grade and up

I’ve always loved to get the flyers from Scholastic with the monthly book orders. I’m always excited when my kids bring them home now, and from time to time I’ll tack something onto their order for myself (Lego Star Wars, anyone?).

When I was in Grade 5, I ordered two books by Patricia C. Wrede: Dealing With Dragons and Searching For Dragons. They’re the first two books in a light-hearted fantasy series of four books called The Enchanted Forest Chronicles about an improper princess and her unconventional approach to life in a fantasy world.

You should read them. I found the first two books to be the best of the series (Dealing With Dragons is particularly awesome), but they’re all worth reading. My original copies are still around but fairly tattered; I’ve purchased several more of each over the years for classroom libraries. Yesterday I found two used copies of Calling On Dragons for 10 cents each, so they’re in the collection as well. I also like the original cover art :)

Give them a try. Amazon links below.

Dealing With Dragons

Searching For Dragons

Calling On Dragons

Talking To Dragons

Four-book Boxed Set

Book of Enchantments (short story collection)