#NaPoWriMo for April 10 – “#EdCampSault”

edCampSault logo

May 10th I’ll be at EdCampSault;
I’m hoping that you’ll be there too.
By giving teachers equal voice
We’re making your “PD” your choice!

You choose from topics you suggest
Not something that the “experts” guessed
You’d need or want. No, this PD
Is tailored just for you and me.


View the details and register at http://edcampsault.wordpress.com. Space is limited!

Follow @edcampsault on Twitter, or use the hashtag #edCampSault. Thanks!

#NaPoWriMo for April 8 – “Shakespeare’s OpenSSL”

My Heartbleeds for all webmasters
Who count on OpenSSL —
‘Tis open-source and so ’tis used
On web servers around the globe.
When vuln’rabilities reveal’d
Cast question on its eff’cacy,
A patch comes forth; mere hours have pass’d.
Can clos’d-source e’er respond like that?