Hey, PLN: What’s the best high school day structure?

I had a good conversation with another teacher at my school yesterday about the pros and cons of the different schedules that are possible within our high school system. 

Our school has the same Day 1/Day 2 structure that I experienced as a student (four periods a day, Day 1 ABCD, Day 2 BADC). She had a desemestered high school with six classes a day on some kind of rotation (I can’t remember the details now).

We discussed MSIP, repeated block (like ABCDA), Cooperative Education, homework completion, prep time, and the possible impacts on science, math, language, Bistro (restaurant services class), lunch, sports, and so on. 

But in the end we concluded that we don’t know a lot; we just speculate a lot. 

So I’m looking for two things:

  1. What’s your high school’s schedule like, and what are the pros and cons from your perspective?
  2. Can you point me to research or books about the impact of different schedule structures on achievement, well-being, satisfaction, special programs, etc.? 

If it matters, my school has around 1000 students in grades 7-12, and there is a significant population that is bussed every day. 

Thanks, PLN!